Executive Recruiter Program

World-Class Executive Recruiter Program

JMH continuously seeks to expand its active network of executives.  In 2009 JMH launched its Executive Recruiter Program.  In this program, JMH partners with entrepreneurial-minded executive recruiters to pre-identify management candidates that meet JMH’s unique set of requirements.  Since 2009, executive recruiters have received full placement fees as a result of introductions that later led to full-time hires by JMH portfolio companies.

JMH is interested in meeting capable executives in a wide array of industries.  If you are an executive with experience working with private equity owned businesses between $20 million and $100 million in sales, or are an executive recruiter interested in the program, please contact John Nies at jnies@jmhcapital.com or (781) 522-1604.

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