Operating Resources

Building Value through World-Class Management

Central to JMH’s approach to building value in middle market businesses is the active involvement of the JMH principals in the development of each of its portfolio companies.

Each of the JMH professionals has significant operating and general management experience, which includes leadership roles in a number of manufacturing, industrial service, distribution, and retail businesses.  This direct experience allows JMH to assist management in attacking the unique issues that smaller businesses in all industries face when trying to scale rapidly.  Further, it allows JMH to be a much more constructive partner to management, as its principals can relate first-hand to the day-to-day issues facing management during implementation of a long term strategic plan.  As a result, JMH serves as a true strategic and operational partner to management, placing far more emphasis on successful execution than financial engineering or financial leverage.

In addition, over a 25 year period of active investing and roles in general management, the principals of JMH have encountered just about every “speed bump” a growing business is likely to encounter, and is therefore a helpful resource when navigating the challenges of growth.  Developed from their cumulative experience helping growing businesses develop in over 30 industries is a set of management tools JMH actively applies, as appropriate, to their portfolio companies, including.

  • 100-day strategic and implementation plans
  • CRM and sales force management and compensation systems
  • Strategic pricing and customer profitability programs
  • Competitive strategy and marketing strategy
  • IT and financial systems implementation
  • Lean initiatives, six sigma programs, and statistical process controls
  • Strategic sourcing, or outsourcing to the Far East and Latin America
  • Strategic M&A

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